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Adult Jewellery Parties
7/12/2012 10:22:20 AM
Do you fancy organising a girls night in with a difference? Or maybe a hen party that isn’t the traditional night club affair that will leave your ‘hens’ with a lasting memento other than a hangover!
Children’s Jewellery Making Parties
7/12/2012 10:21:28 AM
All girls love glitter and jewellery so what better way to organise a children’s birthday party with a difference than by holding a jewellery making party organised by All That Glitters. 
Jewellery Making Parties
7/4/2012 4:20:24 PM

Jewellery making parties are a very popular children’s party activity. Keeping children of all ages busy learning how make exquisite jewellery pieces with beads. These make great bracelets and necklaces that they can show off to each other even after the party has finished.

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All That GlittersJewellery Making PartiesPrice ListContact UsRegisterShopBlogAbout