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Jewellery Making Parties in the London Area
8/31/2013 9:01:22 AM


For a stress free, creative party for your daughter this birthday, try a Jewellery Making Party!  All That Glitters will come to your home or venue with a huge assortment of quality glass and wood beads and entertain your daughter and her guests for over an hour making jewellery.

There are no set menus – the girls make whatever they design!  From charm necklaces to squiggle bracelets – the only limitation is their imagination.

A member of the All That Glitters team will be with the children  throughout, advising and teaching them on how to design and make their own unique creation.

All That Glitters have over six years experience running jewellery making parties, so have every need covered.  We are fully CRB checked and have children of our own, so patience and a sense of humour are also supplied.

The children will be surprised and delighted at what they can achieve with just a little inspiration and help from the All That Glitters team and a totally stress free party for mum.

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All That GlittersJewellery Making PartiesPrice ListContact UsRegisterShopBlogAbout